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July 31st, 2001
Hello. Today is a morbid day for as some of you who are half intelligible you may have heard THE CODE RED INTERNET WORM is likely to strike. All of my fans and colleagues who have helped to get this far, i fear this is my last and final broadcast. This isn't a virus however' but a worm who uses the internet to find computers to take. The effect isn't national but world-wide. This could very well. Be the end of the internet as we know it. This worm is said to be able slow internet connections to a halt. If this happens, i think more than the internet will be affected. Stocks that are stored on the internet will be lost, creit card information is likely to be screwed up. Everything we have worked so hard to build will be lost or destroyed. Even though humans are not in the internet world. This doesn't mean we won't be affected. Many of the webmasters will lose a lot of the things they earned from the internet. Investments, information, money, everything will be wiped out. This is truly a sad state of affairs.

This is Shiro Triggara signing out.
July 31, 2001 1:18 Eastern Standard Time.

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~ Adult Swim on Toonami.
On September 2nd Toonami will air Adult Swim on Sunday and Thursday nights from 10PM to 1AM.

~Toonami Reactor Offline?
On June 25th at 10am Toonami Reactor will go offline. It seemed like a sucess to me so why shut it down? Strange isn't it.

~ DBZ CCG Page has been updated with a list of Trunks Saga Cards.

~DBZ News June 8 01~
!ACK! It's Androids! That's right, the androids are coming to town. In July? The Android Saga debuts this July.
The Android Saga cards rely mainly on martial arts attacks.
Most cards don't have energy attacks, probably because of the low use of energy attacks in this saga.

The DBZ CCG Tour will be in Nashville T.N. on June 9th 2001 at the 100 Oaks Mall at Media Play. Don't miss your chance to get free promos and autographs from the DBZ voice actors. There is a cash prize, a display box of a released DBZ CCG Set, and you will have the cards in your winning deck foiled. Foiled means that all of the cards in your deck will be turned into holofoil cards. Good Luck!

~Other News~
Gundam News- Now that Gundam Wing is done and gone, what's next for Gundam? This summer, four new Gundam Series will debut on Cartoon Network. The 8th Mobile Suit Team, Gundam 0080. Gundam 0083, and Mobile Suit Gundam. Visit www.gundamproject.com for info on each of these series.

~Release Dates~
New DBZ Energy Blasting figures will be out in December. Some of the ones I know of are SS Trunks, Son Gohan, Krillin, Imperfect Cell, and third form Freiza.

~The Great Saiyaman saga
debuts on September 3rd
on Cartoon Network.

~DBZ CCG Tournament at
Collinsville Il. this weekend.
The top players will recieve cash
prizes. For more information
checkout diecon.com

~ Release Dates ~
No specific dates but i
know the next 3 or 4 videos
are Babadi Saga.

Thatz all 4 now.?!@#$%^&*()_+<>:"{}

CCG News...
The DBZ TCG Saiyan Saga Wrapper Redemption has been extended to May 31st, 2001. This is your chance to get a limited edition DBZ Hi-Tech cards. These cards look really cool!

With the realease of the Trunk's Saga came a new type of card. Mastery. These cards will give your deck special advantages during battle if your playing Tokui-Waza. T-W is using only one fighting style. You can't use a Mastery Card unless you have declared a T-W of that fighting style. Try making a T-W deck based on Piccolo and Nail. It's awesome!
The Android Saga won't be coming out until this summer.

T.V. News...
Dragon Ball won't be coming out 'til June 25th,2001 which isn't that far away.

D.V.D. Realeases...

May: Androids : Invincible
Frieza : Summoning
June: Freiza : Transformation
Garlic Jr. : Black Water Mist
World Tournament : Junior Division
July: Garlic Jr. : Sacred Water
Z Warriors Prepare
Frieza : Reavealed

That's all for now. See Ya!

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I found out that there will be a new DBZ video game for the game boy advance. it will be called Legacy Of Goku or some other whatnot. It will be obviously released later on. But I will try to get screenshots posted when they are released.

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